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Reservations and Dining

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Optimise restaurant management - delight your guests and maximise profitability. Meet demanding customer and management expectations is a high-pressure world - where the guest experience must be flawless and operations seamless.

Today’s diners have high expectations: they expect to be served quickly and efficiently, in a professional way that respects their individuality and, ideally, reflects their personal tastes and preferences. Technology can bring together the seemingly contradictory concepts of automation and personalisation to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Verteda solutions enable you to deliver measurably improved guest service alongside increased efficiency, at the touchpoints where you engage with customers and in streamlining your essential back-office operations. 

In particular, under-utilisation of tables, lagging table turn times, lack of guest information and inadequate preparation for rush periods can all erode your profitability.

We use the ResPAK specialist dining reservations and table management software to deliver more efficient processes and more personalised guest service, including automating table allocation and usage. Equipped with a self-service portal, guests can utilise web technology to make a reservation without needing to speak to staff.

Complementary Verteda solutions to enhance guest satisfaction and maximise profitability include:
  • Inventory and Procurement - Eatec® Solutions by Agilysys, Inc.
  • Point of Sale - InfoGenesis™ POS software by Agilysys, Inc.
  • Mobile Point of Sale - including InfoGenesis™ Flex by Agilysys, Inc.

Verteda Reservation Solutions are trusted by:

Reservations and Dining
Key Features

  • Train staff quickly and easily with a user interface that graphically matches your table layout
  • Full integration with reservations, POS and other systems
  • Internet reservations
  • Guest preference and VIP awareness
  • Intuitive features to help manage turn times and staff allocation
  • Flexible inventory and outlet management
  • Real-time inventory intelligence
  • Automated e-mail and SMS notifications
  • Table management via availability chart and waitlist
  • Management reporting and analysis tools

Complimentary products and modules

All of solutions are fully integrated and in each sector we work with key partners to provide integrated solutions to ensure you have a holistic approach to your hospitality solutions, giving you the competitive edger for your business.

Point of Sale

Improve productivity, speed up transactions and deliver great service.

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Mobile Solutions

For a more flexible and profitable business: from ‘POS anywhere’ to a unique queue-busting smartphone app

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Analytics & Business Intelligence

Fact-based decisions to streamline processes and increase revenue opportunities

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eCommerce & Retail

We offer flexible eCommerce & Retail solutions to suit your needs.

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