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Event Management Portal

unique management portal

Primo – Delivering higher revenues and improved customer service through improved visibility and real-time management decision-making

Primo is all about today’s activity and opportunities: a unique live feed of ‘in flight’ actionable information to improve the operator experience and drive more profitable decision-making.


Developed for stadia, arena, theme parks and other leisure and entertainment venues, Primo is unique: there is no other comparable solution. Traditionally, each solution in a venue has its own management utilities and reporting. This lack of consistency created a disjointed experience for operator, user and end customer.


Primo offers a better way: complete visibility and control. Easy to access from desktop, tablet and smartphone, you can track, understand and respond to transactions, sales performance, stock activity and specific incidents in real time – acting in smarter ways based on the insights gained.

Primo brings everything together into a single portal: all venue, event and match day solutions. Quickly deployed using a SaaS model, Primo helps you drive higher revenues and improve customer service - in individual outlets and across whole venues - through greater visibility, early warning alerts and improved real-time management decisions.

Key Features

  • Dynamic real-time insights, all in one place
  • Sales performance, stock, operations, workforce and more
  • Fully responsive design: truly portable for desktop, tablet, mobile phone
  • Easy to follow Dashboards
  • Financial summaries with drill-down detail
  • Critical Performance Measures
  • Heat Maps visualise hot spots (revenue, gross margin, basket value, guests served)
  • Stock Management: Low Stock Alerts trigger action
  • Revenue Protection: alerts driven by inconsistency and fraud
  • Consistency: same Dashboard style, At a Glance and trending finance data right down to individual terminals and staff

Data Sheet

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