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E-commerce and Retail Solutions

Online and in-venue: helping you profit from higher sales in a multi-channel world

Powerful and cost-effective solutions to build your web-based sales and enhance in-venue retail and merchandise operations

Verteda has the capability to provide you with a full e-commerce solution for your stadia, arena and entertainment venue – optimising your online presence and extending into high specification Retail and Merchandise solutions for all of your in-venue store requirements.

Complimenting our powerful Qjacker solution, which that enables fans to pre-order and quickly collect food and drinks before an event or from their seat in the venue, we are experts in combining powerful e-commerce technology with web design skills, user experience know-how, physical stores and merchandising to deliver true multi-channel e-commerce and retail solutions – extending to mobile handheld devices as required.

Verteda E-commerce and Retail solutions are built and delivered using the Windows® based Magento platform. The most flexible enterprise-class e-commerce software platform available, and used by more than 240,000 merchants around the world, Magento supports a web template system that generates multiple similar-looking pages and customises them.

Highly scalable and offering powerful enterprise-class features, Magento is flexible enough to meet your exacting demands and precise requirements, with thousands of add-ons, modules and extensions so you can take control of your sales channels, extend the benefits from the online world to in-venue retail and merchandise operations. Magento is owned by eBay Inc.


E-commerce and Retail Solutions
Key Features

  • Fully integrated: works seamlessly with your existing systems, linking with point of sale, mobile payments, inventory control, stock and purchasing,Standard retail templates for speed and ease of use – plus bespoke design and customisation.
  • Improved business visibility: new levels of sales insight via data analytics and reporting.
  • Track and understand customer behaviour and spend – then link to marketing activity and promotions.
  • Queue-busting on match and event days: faster customer throughput, enhanced customer service.
  • Fully integrated: works seamlessly with your existing systems, linking with point of sale, mobile payments, inventory control, stock and purchasing, CRM, loyalty, ticketing, access control and more.

Complementary products and modules

All of solutions are fully integrated and in each sector we work with key partners to provide integrated solutions to ensure you have a holistic approach to your hospitality solutions, giving you the competitive edger for your business.

Point of Sale

Improve productivity, speed up transactions and deliver great service.

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Mobile Solutions

For a more flexible and profitable business: from ‘POS anywhere’ to a unique queue-busting smartphone app.

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Analytics & Business Intelligence

Fact-based decisions to streamline processes and increase revenue opportunities

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Workforce Management

Improve efficiency and productivity while controlling and reducing labour costs.

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