Mapping A Fan’s Journey Through the Stadium

04 October 2018

Every fan coming to your venue for an event goes on a journey while they are with you – engaging with different parts of your venue, process and business, all in one visit.

How can you segment your fan’s journey through an event, and improve the process at each step? We’ve highlighted some of the critical areas along the fan journey where we’re supporting customers with enhancing the experience and improving efficiencies and revenues for venues.

Before the event

How are your fans purchasing tickets? Are you using data analytics to serve offers to lure fans back to events if they haven’t visited in a while? Do you know who some of the bigger spenders are from the information you collect about fans to deliver more tailored offers that will entice back those most likely to purchase while at your event?

Bringing together information from disparate sources such as ticketing, merchandise sales, food and beverage transactions and more, helps you to impact fan behaviour before they reach your venue, and optimise the experience once they are there.

Verteda’s analytics and business intelligence solutions help venues to bring data together from lots of different sources to provide a single customer view.

We’re also working with venues to offer pre-pay cards where fans can top up a pre-paid card (like a debit card) prior to attending the event, which they can use to purchase food and beverage with on the day – helping you to better track where specific fan spend is being directed for building up a more accurate single customer view. Read more about our loyalty and innovative payment options.

Entering the event

The act of entering a venue is often overlooked by events organisers when it comes to delivering useful information about fan behaviour and how to improve the experience, but also how to increase the average customer spend at an event.

By fans using access cards (that often double as pre-pay cards or loyalty cards) to enter the event, organisers get access to information about when a fan has entered the venue, how long before the actual event they arrive, and how long they stay for after an event has finished.

This is useful when looking at how to increase spending on food and beverage. If you know that you have fans who typically arrive at a match half an hour before kick-off, but have a high spend during halftime then serving up personalised food and beverage offers by email or apps to encourage them to enter the venue earlier could deliver increased spend per head. This wouldn’t be economical to give out to all fans, but is a great way to use your data to serve up more personalised offers that can have a big impact on your event day revenue.

Before the match or event

When fans are inside the venue, how are you helping them navigate the venue? Do they know where all the facilities are? Do they know how to get to their seat quickly and where their nearest food kiosk is? Delivering this kind of info through apps helps you to understand what type of information your fans are most commonly looking for, and supports you in building more active engagement with your apps for when you need to deliver offers or vouchers to fans.

For example, if a fan logs onto your app and uses a map function to guide them from their current position to their seat, and the route takes them past one of your food and beverage kiosks, then you could offer up a personalised offer for that specific kiosk. Likewise, if the kiosk en-route to their seat is particularly busy compared to another kiosk 20 metres away, you could redirect fans using offers to purchase at a different kiosk.

During the event

During the event, are you maximising the average customer spend per head? Are fans foregoing another drink for fear of leaving their seat or waiting in a queue for 20 minutes?

In-seat ordering is becoming increasingly popular, whether that’s pre-ordering for halftime collection, or getting services delivered right to your seat without leaving.

It also pushes fans towards purchasing via the app, meaning you can better track purchases back to specific fans and demographics, and also move fans away from making cash payments that can be difficult to manage.

Qjacker from Verteda improves the customer experience by enabling mobile ordering, meaning fans can order from their seats and pick up their purchases when ready – meaning no waiting and a better customer experience.

After the event

We’ve already spoken about using access cards to give you more data about when a fan is entering and leaving your venue, but what about keeping the engagement going with fans once they have left entirely?

How do you continue to build loyal communities amongst your fans to ensure they attend your next event and stay involved and engaged?

Our tools help to improve the event-day experience for fans, and help you to extract more data and value from fan behavioural insights to make better business decisions and to build an ongoing relationship with your community.

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