A revolution in payments for stadia and arena: Verteda partners with pioneering biometrics firm Sthaler

08 May 2017

Warrington, UK – 8th May 2017 – Verteda Ltd, the leading provider of IT solutions to sports and entertainment venues, hotels and resorts, restaurants and hospitality has announced a strategic partnership with Sthaler, the British provider of groundbreaking biometric solutions that use its unique Vein ID technology. Customers and fans can prove their identity, access events and pay for drinks and food by simply using their finger.

“We kept a close eye on Fingopay as the technology developed, met with Sthaler and carried out an extensive technical review – leading to this new partnership agreement,” says Matthew Prosser, Sales Director, Verteda. “Using biometric identification for payments is increasingly seen as a far more secure and efficient method compared to passwords and PINs. We can now start to integrate leading edge Fingopay technology into solutions for Verteda clients, starting with a Premiership football club and music arena. This head-turning technology benefits venues and fans alike: you simply pay by placing your finger into a pocket-sized scanner.”

Focused on improving the customer experience and providing value added identity services, British fintech start-up Sthaler invented Vein ID, originally to enable transactions in the music festival industry. This natural biometric is the easiest and most secure way for individuals to prove their identity and make payments without using plastic, cash, PINs or smartphone.

“Our go-to-market strategy is to work with the leading channel partners in each key sector,” says Simon Binns, Commercial Director, Sthaler. “Verteda is a market leader in solutions for the sports and music venue category, and so was a natural choice for Sthaler. Like us, Verteda is constantly looking for innovative solutions that improve the customer experience, particularly in time–pressured situations like sporting events. Fingopay offers the most convenient payment and loyalty solution: it doesn’t rely on cash, card or smartphone, and rewards frequent visitors financially and in time savings through reduced queues. Of course, it has the added benefit of proving certainty of identity for all those attending an event: knowing who is inside your stadium or arena at any moment is increasingly a business essential rather than a nice-to-have.”

Fingopay provides sports and music venues, hospitality and retail businesses with a highly effective and secure way to engage, personalise and extend customer relationships. For example: venues can instantly identify return users, take payments, automatically apply loyalty rewards and issue a digital receipt in a single transaction – all without and a customer needing to carry anything. The technology is already optimised to enable fast and efficient service in high volume/high transaction environments.

Simon Binns adds, “Fingopay was invented to address multiple issues at the same time, and working in stadia and arena environments will enable the technology to demonstrate its full potential. Entering this sector with a respected partner like Verteda provides the perfect balance of innovation and confidence in delivery.”