Verteda partners with leading induction and onboarding specialist to further enhance world-class workforce management solution

11 April 2017

Warrington, UK – 11th April 2017 – Verteda, the leading provider of IT solutions to sports and entertainment, hotels and resorts, restaurants and foodservice has announced a new strategic partnership with STEMS, the online global induction and workplace orientation gateway for business, academia and events, extending further the industry-ranging capabilities of its Vantage workforce management solution.

“Our partnership with STEMS means we can offer customers world-class induction, orientation and training for employees, all integrated within an overall labour management strategy enabled by Vantage software,” said Matthew Prosser, Verteda Business Development Director. “It enables organisations to deal with large numbers of personnel and target different groups, bringing them up to speed fast and focusing on key skills: to reduce drop-out rates and ensure staff are confident and productive fast. We‟re delighted to be working with STEMS: there are clear synergies between our products, and in our ability to deliver even more.”

With clients in the UK, USA and Australia, STEMS provides specific functionality for employee induction, workplace orientation, staff self-assessment, communications and e-learning. Providing services to more than 240,000 end users in 2016, STEMS is part of The Russell Partnership Collection of Companies, the UK‟s leading grouping of Food and Technology Consultancies.

“STEMS is about getting new people into the organisation as quickly and effectively as possible,” said Peter Lucas, Chief Executive, STEMS, “so it fits extremely well with Vantage and the needs of Verteda customers. In a way that‟s completely seamless from client and end user, we help employers to improve induction, benefit from better-trained people and increase staff retention – which is extremely important in the sectors where Vantage is used. Employers want to keep their people for as long as they can.”

Lucas continued, “Stadia, arena, restaurants and foodservice can experience a high turnover of part-time and casual staff, who nonetheless need induction and training. The functionality and online approach we provide mean you can deal with large employee populations while targeting certain activities at specific groups or locations. So it‟s a perfect fit with Vantage. And from the Vantage user perspective, it‟s a seamless experience. Vantage manages the workforce and issues around that, from a quantitative point of view, while STEMS deals with all the qualitative issues around induction and orientation, including communications back to employees, gathering important operational information such as uniform sizes and providing an ongoing reference resource for the employee. We enable that all-important dialogue at a crucial stage in the employer/employee relationship, identifying strengths and potential weaknesses to focus on the right induction and training activity.”

The Vantage/STEMS integrated approach, included within the modular software‟s HR section, covers the complete employee journey from hiring and start day to working shifts, integrated with staff member details to avoid double entry/duplication. Matthew Prosser adds, “Vantage user organisations will benefit from a complete packaged approach to support selection, induction and onboarding of new staff, with Verteda software training integrated in induction programmes plus further training and staff development activity as required.”

Capabilities now provided in Vantage include: assistance in staff selection; pre-arrival induction via the web; gathering personal information not collected at recruitment stage e.g. uploading documents e.g. passport, proof of address; delivering a full induction process in the client‟s corporate style; full testing at all levels; specific programmes for targeted groups e.g. contractors, locations; and a full reporting suite.