Bond Payroll Services Partners with Verteda

12 May 2015



 - Combined offering removes duplication of information and saves mutual customer Fabulous Fan Fayre 15 hours a week in processing time -

12th May 2015: Bond Payroll Services, has engaged in a partnership with Verteda, the innovative hospitality technology solutions provider, to enhance its solutions offering to customers. The combined offering has saved clients, including mutual existing customer, Fabulous Fan Fayre 15 hours per week by automating the submission of accurate time and attendance information for payroll, removing the duplication of data through manual entry and ensuring all staff are paid correctly and on-time.


The integration between Verteda and Bond Payroll Services means that users benefit from a fully automated approach between the WMx (Workforce management solution) and payroll processing from Bond - with no manual data entry or duplication - resulting in error-free data going into the system.

The combined functionality offers a holistic view of workforce schedules, forecasts and performance across all business areas which is a critical requirement in the events industry where pre-planning for events is essential. Furthermore, approved records feed directly into Bond Payroll Services to generate accurate and timely wage slips, enhancing efficiencies and reducing administration. Organisations can now benefit from a fully automated approach; by eliminating manual data entry, data accuracy is transformed, ensuring accurate payroll and minimising employee queries.

The partnership between Bond Payroll Services and Verteda is in response to the growing industry need for companies to have an integrated approach to workforce scheduling and forecasting and cost management. The partnership between the two organisations will result in new and existing clients benefitting from a more streamlined labour management process that integrates directly with their InfoGenesis POS system, WMx solution and Bond Payroll Services.

Steven Armstrong, Financial Controller, Fabulous Fan Fayre at The Etihad Stadium in Manchester comments, ““The volumes associated with weekly payroll runs are huge – and there is no gentle progression. It is either nothing or full on. Accuracy is critical, and working with Bond Payroll Services and Verteda ensures that our payrolls are accurate, timely and error free. We have been working with them for two seasons now, and save 15 hrs per week in processing time. I need to have an overview of what is happening in each account pretty much live, as it is happening. With the speed of reporting from Bond, I have that information immediately, rather than having to wait for month end management reports, which is critical in supporting a fast evolving business model.”

Adrian Burns, Managing Director of Verteda Ltd, said, “Our focus is always to provide the most innovative solutions that allow our customers to streamline their operational efficiency, increase revenues and enhance the customer experience. We are delighted to partner with Bond Payroll Services to enhance our current WMx solution offering and look forward to working with them on future projects.” 

Neil Lagden, Head of Bond Payroll Services, concludes: “In the leisure industry it is critical that organisations have access to staffing efficiencies, cost savings and enhanced customer services to ensure that they are running as smoothly and cost effectively as possible. Our partnership with Verteda is testament to the growing need for a holistic view of workflow management and payroll in the hospitality sector. We are looking forward to working closely with Verteda and the additional benefits that relationship will provide for our clients in the future.”